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December 22, 2021 0 Comments

Cannabis Store Newport Oregon

It’s always interesting and enjoyable to try new cannabis strains and try the trending strains to see if there’s something new you want to incorporate. One of these that’s carried by The Medication Station cannabis store in Newport, Oregon is from Meraki Gardens. A cross of Wedding Cake and Meat Breath, Puta Breath from Meraki Gardens promises to “Unlock your senses”. An Indica with 22.14% THC, effects include relaxed and happy – perhaps the perfect choice for a holiday weekend with the in-laws. Meraki Gardens is named after the Greek word for something pertaining to the soul. A female-run farm based in Oregon, Meraki Gardens is Clean Green certified for its practices. Originally a medical grow, it’s recently evolved into recreational as well. 


The Medication Station cannabis store in Newport is also female owned and run, and founded when the owner discovered the benefits of medical cannabis after her son suffered a serious brain injury.


Another option from Newport’s Medication Station that delivers calm, happy and relaxed vibes is a cartridge from Hush – in Blue Razz, Strawberry Watermelon or other options. Hybrids, they both offer above 92% THC with Blue Razz delivering 1.91% CBD and Strawberry at .72% CBD. These nifty and compact vaporizers (1g) are popular for their functionality, portability and also for their durability and high quality, which also makes them a great cannabis gift option for under $20 at Medication Station’s store.


Other trending items are CBD soda waters, gummies and chocolate from WYLD. The soda waters come in assorted flavors including lemon, raspberry and blood orange with 25 mg of CBD, while the gummies are also high in CBD as well with 250 or 500 mg. Their gummies are made with real fruit and include lemon, raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry, elderberry and more. The chocolate options are available in sativa, indica or hybrid and flavors include scrumptious blood orange, strawberry and more. Singles are 5 mg and boxes can be purchased. Another great gift idea for under $20.


All of this and so much more can be found at The Medication Station cannabis store in Newport – gifts for your list (and you!)


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