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March 23, 2022 0 Comments

Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland, Oregon?

How do you know when you’ve come across the best cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon? Here are some good first clues.

The outward appearance of the dispensary is well maintained. It’s a sign that the owners and managers care about how they are perceived and pay attention to the details. This should carry on to the inside. Is it clean and pleasant? Are the products displayed in an orderly fashion? It doesn’t need to be upscale fine wood, but it should not appear haphazard or casual.

Is the process smooth when you first arrive? Are you greeted warmly when you enter? Do staff members let you know about any available specials? These are good indications you’re in one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Portland, Oregon.

As you peruse the shelves, does there seem to be a wide variety of options in each category? Are the products and the pricing clearly marked? Do the available options seem to be a good value? These are also good clues that you’re in one of Portland’s best cannabis dispensaries.

When you get to your preferred product, if it’s flower, is it fresh and of high quality? Are you offered the opportunity to smell and examine it? If it’s a preroll, is it free of shake? Does it look well prepared? 

As far as advice, are the budtenders simply order takers or are the educated on the products and what you can expect from them? Do they offer good guidance to help you discover new options? If not, you might not be in the best cannabis dispensary.

When it’s time to check out, is the process quick and easy? Are you thanked for your purchase? Add all these up and if your cannabis dispensary does well in each category, you’ve found the best one in Portland, Oregon. And if you’re still searching for one, feel free to visit one of the locations of The Medication Station. Their cannabis dispensaries easily qualify on all these counts and set a high bar for all cannabis dispensaries looking to compete as the best one in the Portland, Oregon area.

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