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About Us

For the founder, The Medication Stations is very personal. An Oregon native and mother of three, when her son suffered a traumatic brain injury she was stymied looking for something to help prevent the multitude of seizures. When nothing else helped, she turned to medical marijuana and found that cannabis was much more effective than anything else that had been prescribed. He then experienced a huge improvement and was able to return to school.

With a heart for helping people, she first opened a medical-focused shop in order to help provide solutions for others, and then transitioned to recreational when she realized it could broaden availability for people.

The two locations are now the largest dispensaries in their respective areas with an enormous depth that features varying price points that make it accessible for everyone. And there’s assurance that the selection is expansive but curated. Everything is also clearly marked with price, strength and flavor options, because customers finding exactly what they need and can afford is paramount for her.

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Committed to compassion